Why You Should Be LOGGING ALL Your Website Security Activity

Why You Should Be Logging ALL Your Website Security Activity!!

Security logging should be an essential part of your WordPress security strategy. But Why?

The following Tip I just received from iThemes WordPress Security: which definitely got my attention, and I’m sure it will also get your attention, if you really care about the safety of your website and your customer data!!

i.e. They mentioned that: Most breach studies show that the time to detect a breach is over 200 days!   Which is almost 7 months later !!!

Just think of the amount of damage that could have caused to your Business, your Reputation, and all your data that could be leaked out to who knows who and for whatever reasons…!!!!

‘Cause If it takes this long to discover, there is just no way you can fully recover from the damage…

And as iThemes mentioned, this is mostly due to “Insufficient LOGGING and MONITORING” !!

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