Why are Backups & Security Important..??

Why are Backups & Security Important ??

I have been asked this question a few times these past few months, and thought I’ll write a Blog post on it today – as to why is it necessary to take regular back-ups of your site – and also, why is it necessary to monitor your Security almost daily…

Let’s look at everything around Security First…


Security Checks for WordPress Site

What is Security Checks

Most people running a WordPress  website – have noticed already, that Hackers love to try and attack WordPress sites…

Many just do it for fun, just to get in, and leave a mark somewhere on your site that says “so and so was here”, and/or just to cause a lot of frustration for you by bringing your website down – and make the servers crash…etc..

BUT: There are Many more that want to come in for all sorts of Malicious reasons as well. The biggest being to try and steal your data, for malicious intent, and to blackmail your users / clients for whatever reason.  And if they can copy / steal your identity or your credit card details, etc, even better..!!!  Or they will “plant” malicious code on your server – that can have all kinds of Viruses etc – which can cause Pop-Ups on a client’s screen with any kind of message – to entice people to go to another link / site to enter their details, and in so doing “steal” their identity and use it for their own benefits whatever they may deem “appropriate” to them..

Each one attacking your site has their own agenda – and no use saying or thinking “aaag, my site has nothing to offer – if anyone wants to hack it, they’re not going to find anything“….  Thinking/saying that is being ignorant of the potential harm that a hacker can and wants to do.  They aren’t looking at what you see – they are looking at “what is in it for me – what can I get out of your site…”, and believe me, they can get all kinds of benefits out of your website that you never even thought was possible…!!!

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