My husband (Deon Hammer) and I (Susan Hammer) have been involved in a few businesses over the past 8 years, mostly within the Christian Ministry.  But through it all we’ve learned various Business Principles and gained numerous experience on the various areas required in managing a business – from Sales & Marketing, to all types of  IT Requirements, the Financial side as well as how to deal with Clients on different levels…

THUS: I have decided to resign from my work as a Designer / Developer after 30 years within the IT industry, and decided to start my own Website & Graphics Design Business in Centurion (Pretoria, South Africa) in Designing, Developing and Maintaining Websites as well as Graphics Design. As I felt I have more to offer to a wider spectrum of the outside world, and can be of greater service to the General Public’s requirements in many aspects of life and business…

And that is how DSH Web & Graphics Design (PTY) LTD TM was established….!!!!

As for a short resume about myself:

  • Over the years I have gained extensive knowledge and experience in various Coding Languages and IT Technologies from IBM Mainframe, to Unix, Wintel servers….etc..  from the Analysis & Design Phase through to Development as well as Maintenance and Support and even been involved extensively within the Testing and Support areas within the Corporate world (you can see my full skills set listed on Linked in)
  • Meaning for over 25 years I’ve been involved within the full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process , using UML, and various Rational and other Design and Development & Testing Tools to facilitate my coding development

Thus I’ve decided to attend various training modules at Web Design Academy (WDA) in 2019, after resigning from my current position as a Technical specialist, in order to start DSH Web and Graphics Design in 2019. And due to all my past experience within the IT industry I very quickly picked up the languages and different thought processes…

Through WDA I studied all of the following:

    • HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and WordPress development including SEO
    • as well as Graphics Design using the different tools to develop any Graphics Requirements from Printing to Digital Media, etc.
    • We also covered Social Media marketing and Flash Player for all Advertising and Marketing purposes …

THUS: Based on my skill set, I will be able to assist anyone that requires help with New or Existing Website Design, Development or even Maintenance and Support in various technical areas, not just Websites…

Training Requirements

And because I’ve always been a Teacher at heart and have learned and managed all the training within our Christian ministry over the past 8 years, I’ve developed a strong ability to train people in different areas and using different mediums – and will thus be able to assist with training any of your company employees in any environment: Be it:

  • Online training – via Computers, Internet / Intranet training
  • one-on-one / individual – young and old – even people with disabilities…
  • or even in a class room setup, should that be required…
  • I Will even be able to assist in writing your training modules for you…

For I have found that as part of the WordPress Web development, that training is just as much a necessity for your business growth than what proper testing is for your newly developed Technology..!!!

And training will be required for anyone who will have to manage your WordPress website after development and handover by the developer, as in:

  • all the E-Commerce requirements (like managing the Sales, Reporting, queries from clients regarding the website),
  • Writing Blog posts,
  • updating the Gallery,
  • or having to update any Events that might be scheduled on a regular basis..
  • AND: There are always other work and changes required on a website as well – like
    • Software updates,
    • Backups,
    • General Monitoring
    • Security issues and threats,
    • growth,
    • increase in requirements, etc, etc

We will be able to assist with all of that for you – under a general maintenance plan… Be it Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly or Yearly…

You decide what you require and for how long.

Graphics Design

We can also assist in Designing your Posters, Flyers, Designing Logos, Banners, Business Cards, E-mail signatures, Stickers, and even do special designs on clothing, or any other product you want to place your brand on for gifts, or promotions and advertising or anything else required for Business or Personal use, no matter how small or big…

Data Transformation

THUS: I understand all your “data transformation” requirements from start to finish, including all your reporting requirements in all its complexity, which has become Crucial to Business Success and Growth in the 21st Century. Without it, your business just won’t succeed or grow to the level you would like it to grow, nor will it stay competitive amongst your competition…

IF you don’t know what your data is telling you, or how to get the proper info from your day to day data, your business will not grow, but will rather fall behind slowly and quietly – without you knowing it till it is almost too late…  And then it will become very difficult to catch up again.

Without the proper knowledge and expertise and help from those that do understand it all, it will be hard to come back…!!!

Contact Us TODAY !!!!

Thus, from all of the above –  we believe we can offer various services within any area of Personal or Business (be it Retail, Financial or Charity) related requirements and at any stage of your business, like for:

  • Individuals – Developing a Blog post, sharing special moments with your loved ones
  • Entrepreneurs – starting up your business, or wanting to scale to the next level
  • Areas of Expertise – like Writers, Photographers, Musicians, Artists, Actors, etc…
  • Non-Profit organisations – Including Christian Ministries, Charity organisations, etc…
  • And even Corporate Businesses – looking to outsource your Website development or just need a temporary person to assist in a specific area for a short while


Thus, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here for you…

We want to see YOU Succeed and

Your Business to Run like a Well Oiled Machine..!!!

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